One 2 One & Small Groups

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Private dance lessons are an imperative part of a freestyle dancer’s training.

In order to achieve better success at dance events aswell as overall progression, private tuition is available to every dancer within Style Dance Academy. Primarily, this invaluable one to one, pupil-teacher time is used to secure choreography for a dancer’s unique and individual routine, thus fully preparing them to perform at upcoming competitions.

Working together with your child, we will produce current routines, taking into account the dancer’s personal strength and ability. In additon to this or even alternatively, time during private lessons can be spent focusing on specific sections of a dance.Perhaps it is desired to work on an element whereby the dancer wants to build their confidence or likewise push themselves to  learn a new and more challenging routine or component and ultimately see better results from those all important judges at their next competition.

Private lessons are the perfect opportunity for a dancer to fully converse with their teacher, thus giving them the confidence to make  suggestions about their choreography and develop their dance skills,whilst building on that all important teacher-pupil relationship.

Regular one to one lessons are strongly advised to continually improve dance technique . Time spent evolving routines and reflecting on  technique, both during training and previous performance at dance festivals, is essential for each dancer to continue to achieve on the dancefloor.

Richard & Lisa were once European Champions | See about us for more info.